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The comparison between Eleaf iStick TC Series

Eleaf iStick TC Series, there are iStick TC40W, iStick TC60W, iStick TC100W, iStick Pico, iStick TC200W, iStick Power, iStick Pico Mega, iStick Power Nano, Pico Dual, iStick QC 200W, iStick Pico RDTA, about iStick Pico Resin, just another style of iStick Pico, we don't list it out to compare.
Know the detailed information at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1SCj6hDmK8lWH500AOyu62OXqGEFuc9Kk6mNAAryq8g0/
here is thumbnail:

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