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Our Spring Festival is drawing near. To celebrate it, will take some days off from Today to February 5th, 2017. In those days , we are sorry for all the inconvenience caused to you

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Things You Should Know About E-Cig Battery Safety

When you start vaping , you should know something about E-cig Battery Safety ,here is some rules :

Using the Right Charger

The number one cause of problems with electronic cigarettes is using the wrong charger.

Buy from a Reputable Supplier

Dodgy e-cigarette batteries are brought into the country and are generally sold on markets and by sole traders.

But batteries and chargers are not something you want to skimp on. Overcharge and over-discharge protection, ROHS certification and external battery testing all cost money, so it's well worth being wary of cheap batteries and chargers.

Avoid Heat, Cold and Direct Sunlight

Extreme heat can lead to the resin in batteries melting and deforming, leading to electrolyte leakage and explosion. Avoiding storing your e-cig battery next to radiators/boilers or in direct sunlight.

Avoid Contact with Water

If your battery falls into or gets saturated with water, cease use. Either return it to the supplier or take it to a recycling station.

If you have a damaged battery, dispose of it correctly. If you're not sure how, search for a hazardous waste disposal service near you.

Damaged Batteries

The same goes for damaged batteries – it's just not worth the risk!

Avoid Carrying with Metal

Do not carry in a pocket with coins or keys.

Clean your Battery

The fire service recommends cleaning your e-cigarette battery weekly.

If you can't manage that, do check your battery every now and again to see if any dirt or gunk has accumulated on your battery connection point. Use an alcohol wipe, cotton bud or tissue to gently clean gunk off.

Travelling with your Battery
By Plane 

Most airlines require you to place your battery in your cabin luggage. Before putting your ecig away, make sure you turn it off by pressing the button five times.

If you have a device with a removable battery, most airlines recommend this should be installed in your device before being checked into hold luggage. Ideally, you would also tape over contact points with insulation tape.

When Abroad

Charging your e-cigarette abroad can prove tricky, as voltage supplied by power networks varies from country to country. The best option for charging your battery is to use the charger and plug recommended by your supplier, but with a plug adaptor bought in the country you are visiting. You can also check power supply before visiting a country on this Wikipedia page.

Ideally, you would also use surge protection, although in practice it's not always practical to carry around a surge protection device.

So Glad To Introduce You The New iJust ONE

Good News For All Eleaf Customers,a new member,iJust ONE, joined into the Eleaf iJust series .It will in stock soon,just focus on our blog .

You Haven't Seen A Shape Like This One Before !

With the ASTER Total , you can't have one without the other; a tank comes with the mod. They form an all-in-one system designed to operate seamlessly and intuitively with each other. The ASTER is also shaped to be different; to stand out in a crowd of angular or odd mods. You have not seen a shape like this one before, but it's not so different as to be merely gimmicky or awkward. Eleaf knows better.

I'm A Super Fan Of Eleaf Pico

Since The Eleaf Pico luanced , Many Vapoers fall in love with Eleaf Products, I'm a super fan of Pico Mod, With the Pico Mega, it's an exact same device. Basically, all it does is it has 5 more watts and you can use 26650 or 18650 battery with a different style and bigger tank which is the Melo III (Original Pico has the Melo III Mini).
Now, Eleaf Released A Pico Dual , this is the first pico to peak at 200W,Now, if you want more battery life or you like the ergonomic style of the Pico Dual ? I totally recommend this .

Which Color Of The Lyche Tank You Like Best ?

The Lyche Atomizer in black and silver. 
Which one is your favorite?

An Interesting Features Of iStick Pico Dual Mod

An interesting feature of the iStick Pico Dual Mod is the ability for it to double as a power bank to charge any other USB capable items, such as a smart phone or tablet. This dual functionality makes it more versatile than most other box mods on the market and the perfect accessory to carry around on busier days.

The Pico Dual With MELO III Mini In Stock !

Good News For All Eleaf Customers !

The Pico Dual With MELO III Mini In Stock .This new starter kit includes a Pico Dual mod and a Melo III mini tank. The Pico dual box mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries which can fire up to 200W maximum output. And the mod featuring a new cell balancing trickle charge system, it can give tow batteries equal level charge, which also ensures high security in charging. And it also has preheat function to provide you nice vaping experience. There are four switchable display interfaces, allow you to choose the interface you are most accustomed to. The Melo III mini tank features 2ml liquid capacity and all parts of tank can be detached, it is very easy to clean. With top-filling design and invisible airflow control, the tank is more easy to refill and produce huge vapor cloud. With the new and innovative Reverse Charging (RC) adapter, the Pico Dual will convert the 510 connection into a USB output for power bank mode, providing power to your cell phone or other e-cig device.

iStick Pico, Nine Colors For Customers Option !

iStick Pico , a very popular box mod of Eleaf , 7 colors for option before, and another two new colors was luanced , 9 colors for your options now . full black, brushed silver, hot pink, black, grey,silver, white, jet black bronze, white bronze. here is two now colors .

The New Eleaf Aster RT Kit !

The new Eleaf Aster RT Kit is a funky kit combo for any vaping newbie or busy vaper on the go. Its innovative design is kept small in size by allowing the tank atomizer to be installed within the chassis and thus, neatly hidden out of sight. Its otherwise angular design is visually appealing and comes in a selection of five different colours including a bold green finish that will definitely stand out in the crowd. As far as kit combos go, the Eleaf Aster RT is a great choice for vapers who are looking to push a little more power than usual but who do not want the hassle of using complex tanks or who prefer not to operate mods that require external batteries.

Eleaf ASTER RT With Melo RT 22 Full Kit In Stock !

Good News , 100W Eleaf Aster RT with Melo RT 22 Full Kit In Stock Now , Only $58.90 you can get one !

About Eleaf ASTER Total 1600mAh Kit !

Modernized and redefined, the Aster is a new skillfully engineered product with a fashionable metallic appearance. Powered by an internal 1600mAh battery, it is capable of direct voltage output. It also features the ability to charge your battery through the convenient side charging port. With an ergonomically redesigned shape, you can hold it in the palm with ease and comfort. Integrated with a 2mL tank, the Aster is a one of a kind all in one unit with unique styling and ergonomic efficiency.

Black Friday Is Coming !

The annual Black Friday is coming, are you ready for it ? All of Eleaf Products got extra 5% off based on the special price at Eleaf iStick Official Authorized Online Store , you just need to enter the coupon code "shopping" before you pay your money . last few days to get this discount, hurry to purchase now!

Black Friday Sale For All Eleaf Products At Our Store !

Want to buy any Eleaf Products at Black Friday and waiting for some discount ?

Eleaf Official Authorized Offered a coupon , you can input the discount code "shopping" to enjoy a 5% Off for your entire order !

Eleaf ASTER Total In Stock Now !

Eleaf ASTER Total Kit, a new vape device from Eleaf , is an all-in-one device but keep the shape of the original Aster mod, which fits in the palm of your hand. It is comfortable and easy to use with conveniently placed fire button and direct output voltage system. You can fill the eliquid by removing the top cap and easily. The airflow can be adjusted to your preference. This is a really an unique product, because you can change the color of your ASTER Total whenever you like by replacing its leather sticker.

It is in stock at our store now , Product link :