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The iJust 2 (TC) atomizer are Designed for the iStick Battery

iJust 2 atomizer features 5.5ml huge liquid capacity despite its light weight.
With dual coil EC head of 0.3ohm, it can handle up to 80W and make large cloud production; when using EC TC head of pure cotton wick, it is compatible with various temperature control batteries and can be used within a wide range of wattage from 30W to 60W.
The special structure design for iJust 2 atomizer standard base also improves the heat dissipation capacity to a large extent.

The iJust 2 (TC)atomizer is specially designed for the iStick Battery(30W, TC 40W, 50W, 100W) . The combination of both will make the best of your vaping experience.

By follow this picture, you can know the different about iJust 2 atomizer and iJust 2 TC atomizer.
Whether is EC Head or EC TC Head, Cause your product name is iJust 2 atomizer or iJust 2 TC atomizer.
So from this picture you can know iJust 2 TC atomizer is different from iJust 2 Atomizer, The max working wattage of iJust 2 TC atomizer is 60W, but iJust 2 Atomizer is 80W. with this, their battery request are different, iJust 2 Atomize With iStick 100W,  you can enjoy a powerful vaping experience, and iJust 2 TC atomizer maybe only need iStick 50W,  you can also enjoy a powerful vaping experience! You can buy it depend on your battery's version. I still recommend iStick 100W match with iJust 2 TC Atomizer!

Buy I'm sorry, You can only buy iJust 2 TC atomizer at our site now, If you need iJust 2 Atomizer, you can buy it at other official authorized online site first!

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