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About the Eleaf Warranty policy

Dear Eleaf customers,
From first coming into the market till now, Eleaf has always been providing e-cigarette lovers with various products of excellent quality and favorable price. Now, Eleaf is well-known in the market. However, its popularity also incurs a lot of imitations from other e-cigarette manufacturers. Both the outer appearance and inner structure of our Eleaf products are copied. Those imitations are inferior in quality and seriously damage the product reputation of Eleaf in the market. Under this situation, we has upgraded our anti-counterfeiting system timely so as to provide you with the best service.

We still offer 90-day free-replacement warranty service for all our products of quality problems. Please contact: service@ismoka.com for any questions or concerns about our products, and we will give corresponding reply within 72 hours.

Warranty procedures are as follows:

1. Online security code checking

Please click here: http://www.eleafworld.com/info/batchcode.php

2. Newly added laser code

A specially designed laser code is added to iJust 2 and newly released iStick TC40W for anti-counterfeiting. The laser code will permanently be accompanied with the device. Even if you don’t have the security code any more, the authenticity can also be checked with the laser code provided.
Eleaf will always provide you with first-rate service. If there are any suggestions about improving our products, kindly please contact us online via our email or official Facebook.

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