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Which one do you like best

Eleaf is a well-known brand of Electronic Cigarette, sells Atomizers, Batteries, Accessories, E-juice, and starter kit, high quality with best pirce, more and more people like Eleaf Products. and the hot sale products are Eleaf iStick serise, very Popular!

Talk about Eleaf iStick Serise, just only talk about Battery box mod, not contain Atomizer, I divide them into two kinds; Box Mod with inset battery, such as Mini iStick 10W -1050mAh, iStick 20W-2200mAh, iStick 30W-2200mAh, iStick 40W-2600mAh, iStick 50W-4400mAh, and the lastest one - iStick Basic - 2300mAh, with these inset battery box mod, you don't need to change the battery, very convenient.
Eleaf iStick also have removeable battery box mod, just is iStick 60W and iStick 100W, take removeable battery, you can enjoy you vaping all the time, don't need take time to charging your device, and with max output wattage, would have great vaping expirece. especially for iStick 100W Removeable Battery Box Mod, it is hot-sale box mod, whichone you need to buy, Popular!

I divide them into two kinds by functions, TC Box Mod and without TC one, by now, Just iStick 60W and iStick 40W have TC functions, with TC,you can have good vaping expirence.
they are all very popular.

Ok, Said so much,have you think about which one do you like best, whatever you like which one, purchase it quickly, becasue there is a discount activity, you can enjoy 4% off on now pirce, cheap, very cheap! The real best pirce with high quality at here, Eleaf official authorized istick serise distributor online store http://www.istick.org.

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