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How long would you get your packages?

Hello everyone, a lot of customers have not received confirmation email from us, so I recommend pls register our site before you order it, otherwise maybe you wouldn't received your confirmation emails, so you just only know the order number, but you never know your tracking number, but don't worry, you can ask for it form us, contact us at facebook page, we can check it for you.

Moreover, many people more concerned about "How long would get the packages?"
Our products are sent out from China, so the closer you leave, the faster you get.

The second, under normal circumstances the register express it would takes 7-20 days, and the DHL it would takes 3-5 days.

The third, when you get your confirmmation emails, you would get the tracking number, you can check it online after 24hrs, if it happend at weekend, pls check it after 72hrs.

The fourth, you can check the status at http://www.17track.net/en/

The fifth, you can be absolutely assured. we are Eleaf Official authorized Eleaf iStick serise Distributor, all products are 100% authentic, you can check the code online when you get it and our online store are 100% real, without any cheats! thank you for your supports!

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