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How To Deal With The Common Breakdown Of E-Cig

Electronic cigarettes how to deal with the common breakdown.We can meet some problems after buy electronic cigarette , mostly because it is the first time to use electronic cigarette products, so please don't panic, We need to the correct treatment problems.

There are some tips can help you solve the problem and better  use electronic cigarettes.Such as a battery, atomizer or oil, or the battery burn and so on a series of problems, then run into these failures do? See below small make up to everyone's opinions.

First, small amount of electronic cigarette smoke or smoke out, this situation may be out of battery or battery is useless, recommend for the battery or replacement battery, pay attention to charge for the first time, please full of 8 to 10 hours; Single charge after 3-4 hours, pay attention to negative direction, so as not to cause the battery to burn.If You have bought our Products like Eleaf iStick TC40W , the instruction will tell that .

Second, the electronic cigarettes liquid, change the atomizer or some smoke drops replacement atomizer take care not to damage the thread, electronic liquid smoke too much Available the following method too much electronic cigarettes liquid inside the rod out: - remove the atomizer, with a fine needle reset hole - get rid of the smoke bomb, blowing the reset hole - through his mouth

Note: don't be too frequent replacement of electronic cigarettes atomizer - power cigarette liquid not too much contact with dirt Clean power and the contact point of the signal Long time had better take out the battery, hard suction, if there is no the problem remains small amount of smoke may be suction is too hard Don't too hard suction, gently pumping smoke instead.

Third, the electronic cigarette battery led lamp has been bright, electromagnetic induction switch action is slow. If you encounter this kind of situation can tap switch action rod Tap on a rod is too strong.Rod is not still fever when using battery is negative direction is reverse connect the battery negative direction Exchange batteries pay attention not to damage the threads Electromagnetic induction switch not disconnect Take out the battery, tap rod, rod cooling, put back to the battery.If the problem has always been, it is better to return factory repair.

Note: electronic cigarette batteries on the liquid smoke, the smoke leakage from the battery, the smoke fluid within the rod blow dry, without obstruction of slight leakage, such as severe best to return factory repair.

Fourth, electronic cigarette battery indicator light turn dark, if that's the problem may be is the insufficient battery or battery is useless.Then suggested that the user must immediately charge or replace the battery, charger light turn green when charging better continue recharging after an hour.

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