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Eleaf iStick TC40W is Comming

What Eleaf iStick TC40W looks like? Look some pictures
There have 4 colors,Black, blue, silver, grey

Stainless steel threads and spring connector
It retains stainless steel threads for strong wear resistance and elastic spring connector for high adaptability.
Attached necklace hole

The specially attached necklace hole on the top cover makes it more portable and user-friendly. 

How to charge?
 The battery power indicator on the screen will keep flashing when the remaining power is less than 10%. It can be charged with the USB cable through the USB port at the bottom.
iStick TC40W & GS-Tank Atomizer
 The best match for iStick TC40W is GS-Tank atomizer. This perfect combination will give you an amazing vaping experience.
Size: 36.2mm*22.3mm*77.3mm
With so size, of course, it has its own accessories. iStick TC40W Silicone Case

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